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Company profile


YCA Recycling is an Australian family-owned recycling and management company, providing recycling service to corporates, businesses, and government bodies national-wide.

In 2010, We started in a small shed in South Australia focusing on only plastic recycling. As our customer base grows, we were asked to be involved in cardboard recycling, and so we re-invested more advanced machines to recycling more materials.

Now, YCA Recycling is a recycling management specialist providing a comprehensive recycling solution to corporates, businesses and government bodies national-wide.


With our passions for recycling and the general public supports, we will continuously improve our recycling process and re-invest into our business in order to reach our ultimate dream, "A world without landfills".


Our Vision 

"A world without landfills"

We are always seeking new methods to recycle more different types of waste.


Educating the general public, governments, and businesses more about the recyclable materials and use recyclable materials as much as possible; More materials will be recycled or reused, and less non-recyclable material being produced.


Ultimately less carbon footprint is being produced, making our world more sustainable.

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