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Recycling process

YCA Recycling use the most advanced equipments to handle large volume of collected materials. Along with our understanding of plastic, cardboard & paper, and scrap metal as recycling specialists, materials are treated in different ways. 

Plastic recycling

All accepted plastics will be sorted into categories. 

All plastics will go through a process of granulating, cleaning and pelletizing. The granlues and pellets will be sent to a manufacturer to be moulded back into plastic products.

Cardboard and paper recycling

All collected cardboard and paper will be sorted to ensure they are as close to 100% free of contamination as possible.

All cardboard and paper will go through a process of re-pulping and screening. The pulp will be cleaned for the deinking process and then poured out to dry and will be turned in to paper. All paper is then rolled and to be re-manufactured into cardboard or paper-related products.

All public and companies are welcome to drop off or we can pickup accepted material at any time during business hours.


Call now on 1300 503 882 to see if your material is recyclable, our friendly staff will assist you.

Click here to check out our locations and office hours.

Scrap metal recycling

All collected scrap metals at YCA Recycling will be sorted into categories. 

All sorted scrap metals will be shredded, then a process of melting, purification, solidifying of the metal into solid bars for reproductions.

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