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Plastics recycling

YCA Recycling has many years of experience in dealing with both soft and hard plastics for recycling. Our plastics recycling expertise offers the most efficient waste management for your plastics waste.


We have wide range of bin sizes and balers available for our clients. We service a wide range of industries such as product manufacturing, food and beverage companies, warehousing, wine industries and agriculture…etc.

"We know plastic recycling can be a headache sometimes, but we are here to help."

Material drop offs/ pick ups

Companies are welcome to drop off or we can pickup accepted material at any time during business hours. Click here to check out our location and office hours. Public are recommended to contact us prior drop off.

Follow us on Facebook, we have constant update on examples of materials that are accepted at YCA Recycling. 

Plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers. There are many different types of plastics depending on their molecular make up and shape.

At YCA Recycling, we recycle majority types of plastics. We turn pre-sorted, clean plastic recyclables into high-quality granules/flakes and supply to the manufacturers for molding into plastic products again.  Learn more



The following are the accepted plastics to recycle at YCA Recycling:

-          [PET] e.g. Pet label backings

-          [PP] e.g. Plastic bucket / plastic pallets / plastic tray / string

-          [HDPE] e.g. 20L/200L drum / wheelie bin / plastic pipe

-          [LDPE] e.g. Plastic film / shrink wrap / bubble wrap

-          [PC] e.g. Laboratory plasticware / spring water bottle 

-          [PVC] e.g. plastic sheets / plastic moulds

-          [ABS] e.g. Automotive parts

-          [PS] e.g.  Laboratory plasticware

-          [POM] e.g. Plumbing parts / Products components

-          [PA] e.g. Products components / string

Call now on 1300 503 882 to see if your material is recyclable, our friendly staff will assist you.


Examples of uncommon plastics that we recycle

Corflute sheeting

Purgings/ lumps

Poly pipes


Plumbing parts

Any sizes of cleaned plastic drums

Products components

Plastic pallets

PET label backings

Plastic sheets/ Plastic moulds

Plastic plates

Plastic buckets/ crates

All plastic film / shrink wrap / bubble wrap

Wheelie bins/lids

The above photos are examples of materials that we accept for recycling. 

There are many more types of plastics which are not shown yet.

Contribute to environmental protection, together we can make a difference in this world.


Call us now on 1300 503 882 to see if your material can be recycled, our friendly staff will assist you.

Note: Due to the complexity of plastic, all materials must be approved by authorised officers at YCA Recycling before collection/drop off.

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