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YCA Recycling is recycling the burnt plastics from the Bushfires.

In December 2019, South Australia had experienced one of the worst bushfires ever. Many homes and businesses were impacted from this unforeseen disaster.

Burnt plastics is one of the major waste streams being generated from the result of the bushfire.

YCA Recycling has been working with Green Industries SA in Bushfire clean-up, providing the recycling services for all recovered burnt plastics, including irrigation pipes and plastic water tanks.

Till today, we have received over 28,500,000 meter of affected irrigation pipes, many plastics water tanks to recycle here at YCA recycling.

We very much appreciate for the hard work from everyone and we will keep supporting the communities affected with fire. We will continue working with the fire recovery group and government bodies to clean up and recycle every single kg of plastic, say no to landfill and good job South Aussie.

The clean-up work is yet to be completed, meaning more plastics waste are still not be recovered.

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